Katie Holmes Nude

Who wouldn’t forget that headstrong, vibrant, wily, sultry, and determined go-getter named Joey Potter from that hit TV series Dawson’s Creek back in the late 90’s, and it was this newbie teen actress named Katie Holmes who would give life to this unforgettable character that had everyone glued to their television every night. The show was such a big success that it was Katie’s launch pad to stardom that she was soon doing a string of movies like Go, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Phone Booth and Batman Begins. She was considered as one of the hottest commodity in Hollywood up until she met Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise and rumors about the two dating started to spread like wildfire and eventually both Katie and Tom were seen together in public. But it was during The Oprah Winfrey Show when Tom went jumping on top of the couch in front of a surprised Oprah where he professed his love for Katie and on June 17, 2005, Katie got an unexpected proposal from Tom atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris where she gladly said yes to Tom and the following year, the two got married and the entire spectacle was considered to be one of Hollywood’s most anticipated wedding of all time.

From marrying one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors to her conversion from the Roman Catholic faith to Scientology, Katie Holmes is still as controversial as ever as we give you all the hottest and sleaziest stuff we have uncovered about this lovely actress and this is a far more different Katie that you used to know and I’m sure this wasn’t part of the whole Scientology conversion thingy. We’ve gathered some of the hottest pictures and videos of Katie that has been popping everywhere and we are now sharing them to all of you with one exciting package that is waiting for you at Katie Holmes Nude. Get to enjoy Katie in a whole new light… without her clothes on!