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Katie Holmes leaked sex pics with an alien

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Scientology sure fucked with Katie Holmes, and I’m saying this in the literal sense. Before Katie Kolmes married Tom Cruise, she was one of the hottest young women in Hollywood. I’m talking about her tall stature, shapely body, slender shoulders and legs to go along with her nicely-shaped tits. Now if you’re  a guy who loves looking at tits,  then you would agree with me that Katie Holmes tits are the shit. It’s like it is molded to perfetly fit one’s hungry mouth and the nipples are a nice shade of pink, not to mention perky.

But all that went to the drain when she married Tom Cruise…or so we thought. Seen here are leaked Katie Holmes naked pics and these aren’t just ordinary naked pics. Infact they are so extra-ordinary, because in these shots a naked Katie Holmes is fucking an extra-terrestrial. Wow, if this is what you do in Scientology, then count me the fuck in. Is this Tom Cruise’s way of promoting their religion? Maybe it’s a sign-up bonus that you get to stuff Katie Holmes pussy with your stiff cock.

Steamy nude pictures of Katie Holmes

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Katie Holmes is truly one beautiful actress that had guys going head over heels with her when she first appeared as Joey Potter in the hit TV series Dawson’s Creek, and as years passed, Katie grew up to be this sexy and alluring babe who decided to shed off her teen idol image and become a full-fledged Hollywood actress. We can say that Tom Cruise is one lucky guy having to marry Katie and the other way around. But it seems that Tom wasn’t aware about the fact that there is news circulating in Hollywood that his beautiful wife has a bunch of these sultry nude pictures? Believe it or not Tom but we happen to have those hot images of Katie posing provocatively in the nude and she just looks so damn HOT in her birthday suit!

Katie Holmes gets her thing on in front of the camera as she shows off her delectable tits, fine ass and her juicy pussy and you will get to see all of them for their first time as we compiled them in one fantastic photo set searing with pure intensity as Joey Potter gets freaky with her naked self! If these images are not enough, then you might as well head on over to Katie Holmes Nude and know exactly why Tom Cruise is one very lucky dude…